Black Diamond gal unit opens their international webstore

By 12/07/2014 , , ,

Kurogyaru unit Black Diamond have started stocking their brand Galeo for international fans and gals. Here's some of the stock you can get. 

There's not much at the moment but damn those dresses are cute!

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  1. Really focus, dear:
    whats more important?
    Superficial clothing N friends
    who pass-away?
    ...or our eternal lifetime Upstairs
    which never ends?
    This finite existence in which
    1-outta-1 bites-the-dust?
    ...or gotta lotta extraordinary
    exuding exponential?? Wannum??
    Looky here...

    Coming to my BIG-ol,
    John Belushi, party hardy
    in illustrious Seventh-Heaven?
    Eternal pleasure-beyond-measure??

    ...yet, gotta quit materialism
    N whorizontal vanity: God's Rules
    are hardly crippling; SIN is crippling.

    Yes, earthling, Im a NDE -
    so I now know s'up, literally.
    God bless your indelible soul.