One*spo's A/W 14/15 collection

By 10/23/2014

Bringing you sum sports-inspired realness from One*Spo for A/W 14&15

One*spo keeps its distinctive look of white-based sports inspired fashion, which a cutesy "neo-90s" vibe.

Key themes

Prints: plaid

Motifs: text. hearts,

Colours: black, white, grey, baby pink

Fashion points; scalloping detail, sports-style socks, pearl detail, them cute as F bum bags. (oddly Chanel), and the fur details. Hence shoes.

Original source: here

Shop the collection here

I dunno about any of you lot but I am really impressed with what One*Spo did for this season.
It's references to 90s fashion is so obvious, but not in a typically done way, other than the plaid, there are no "grunge" references, thank GOD.

It's super polished, super cute and highly distinctive for the brand. It's obviously one*spo. They are definitely setting themselves apart from other Shibuya 109 brands this season and it's faaaab~~

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