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Emmie here!

Gal comes as a package; hair, makeup and clothes must be bang on point. So what are the some of the tools available to us here? Here's the ones I personally use!

Babyliss Pro waver

Totally looks like a dinosaur
Beach waves have been a popular hair trend in Gal recently. A lot of popular models have been seen sporting it throughout the spring season and it seems to have carried on into the autumn and winter months.

JK style
Momoko Ogihara works Mode Gal with waved hair

I bought my wavers from here for £29.99 but unfortunately that page seems to have stopped selling them but you can buy a set from Sally's (though not on the site)

The handle also totally looks like Dylan from the Magic Roundabout.

You can't deny it.

It's really simple to use, all you do is clamp it down on a thin section of hair for 5 seconds and then move it down the length, aiming to keep the wave consistent looking. Depending on how long and how thick your hair is will determine how long it takes to do all your hair. For hair of mine and Marie's length, minimum time is 20 minutes and we have a lot of hair, as pictured.

40 minutes if you  want your waves to be really deep and super defined.
HerStyler 3-in-1 curling wand

This too is my BABY! I've had it for about 3 years now and I LOVE IT TO BITS. Best tool ever.

It comes with 3 head attachments, though I have to say I never really use the top one as I had yet to find a use for it that 'make me look like a poodle

They heat up really quick, only taking about 40 seconds to heat up.

They're amazing for creating super defined curls that last for ages but they may take some practice to use, mainly because of the fact that you can burn yourself quite easily on them because of the wand shape. There is no clippy bw`1it to secure your hair to the actual tool so you have to hold it there with your fingers, which you need to be quite careful with. Luckily the tin which contains the wand has a special heat proof glove you can use to stop this from happening.

This is how your curls turn out with the middle sized head

and this is how they come out with the largest head attachment

You can buy the same set from here for £69 -cries because they are so much cheaper than how much I paid for them)

and lastly, probably the most important thing are straighteners.

Straighter are probably the most versatile of all the tools. You can style your fringe, make curls, and create crimps.

I've had these ancient things for about 6 years now. I love them to bits but the only thing I don't like about these particular ones is that the plates are wide, great for thick hair like mine but not that great for drying to create defines curls or straightening my fringe.

So yeah that concludes the tools I use. A few of the other Gals use different tools for different effects, I'll have to see if I can wrangle a blog entry out of them 8D

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  1. Wow this is so helpful! Been thinking of buying some new curling tongs... 'cause my curls NEVER stay in ;_;
    I love your lil' cartoons <3

  2. The curling wand look great espcially on shorter hair too :)
    I may have to check that out!

  3. I think I'll need to try these out. My hair has been so boring and straight recently... D;

  4. wow! i find ur blog so cute and you are so pretty *-*
    really good blog <3



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  6. Hey have u tried the ISO has like 5 different sized curling's similar to the 3 in 1 curling wand :)

  7. Your blog is so unique and creative! I love your photos and the edits.

  8. I love love love your curly hair, makes me want to go out and by that wand right now! x

  9. Nice review! I am still looking for a good curling wand!


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