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Getting Japanese style nails outside of Japan can be really difficult, as not very many places know how to do the sculpting of 3d art, or how to do any of the crazy stuff you want on top of your nails. London is renowned for having nail salons everywhere, majority of the owners being asian. Your friends all go to one, and recommend etc etc .

If you want to have something specific, you need to do your research. Take a picture of the design that you want before going to have your nails worked on, and see if there is a genuine response from the salon. If not, its not the place for you. Many salons offer "Japanese nail art" but can't actually do any. A lot of people only associate "Japanese nail art" with a few 3d flowers (not difficult to learn and do) and some sakura style colourings. Wrong. They clearly haven't seen the Tokyo Nail Expo!

Ive only ever had my nails done in a shop twice, last night being my second time, because I usually just wear false ones from FULLMOON or I make them myself (theres no limits this way). Since coming back from Japan, I had been following Yuma Takahashi and Aina Tanaka's blogs, and I saw this come up on Yuma's not too long ago:


I wanted them! I researched around a few stores in China Town and Piccadilly and they all said no, that they couldn't do it. I went inside Trocadero, where they are a few nail "stores". One has just opened and has photos of Tsubasa and other Japanese models on the walls behind with their nails, and the owner has lots of Japanese nail magazines for clients to look at. However, When I asked her if she knew how to do these nails, she said no, and her english was so awful, I was glad she had said no. A woman was about to get her nails done by her and I had seen her asking her about a photo of some really nice Japanese deco stuff on the wall. The girl working there had said she couldn't do it, and the woman seemed really unhappy....

Anyways. So, I was thinking that there must be SOMEWHERE to do crazy nails, and I noticed that a place called Jay's Nails had moved again from the Trocadero area. I went to find it, and voila, was told I COULD get my nails done! So last night, I went to a lady called Fiza Sabah who does all kinds of nails. She was really sweet and is such a professional at her work. I told her about previous "salon" experience and she told me that a lot of the places in China Town are run by her own ex-customers who went to her for years, learnt how she did nails, and then opened their own stores.....with no qualifications to actually be doing them. Makes you feel safe doesn't it?

This is the end result:

So they're not exactly the same as Yuma's but I love them! Im going to be addng some of my own deco, such as the gold rings, and maybe some small gold balls too~

But if you want someone who actually knows what they're doing and who are able to do anything you ask for, this is where to go.

Jay's Nails & Fiza Sabah
Piccadilly, inside on the right hand side just after Accessorize
Fiza: 07949916036
(click on image for bigger picture)

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  1. I have given you an award on my blog ;D

  2. hurrah! now we can get proper classy nails instead of the cheap look nails :D

    i think this should become one of the hib meet activities~

  3. @Kanae Waaa thanks girl =DD ^^

    @Kei I wish I couldn get my nails done *stabs waitrose in the face*

  4. ohh wow, how much are their prices??
    I know Camden had a place that did deco nails, in the new market bit in one of them sheds. Im not sure if they are still there anymore


  5. Hi,
    I want today to piccadilly to see the shop but the girl isn't there anymore. Do you know where she is now?

  6. @Dina:
    Their prices...crap she wrote it down for me and i forgot haha

    i think its from £25 for acrylic and £35 for gel

    What date? its not showing a date next to your post. Its gone? thats so weird! ill have to look it up and let you know!

  7. Sorry, don't know what happen. I went to see the shop something like 2 weeks ago.
    I can't find anyone doing those kind of nails except very expensive chinese one. :/

  8. these nails look amazing, very gorgeous and impressing :)
    drey jewelry.

  9. Your nails came out really well! Seems like you really had to hunt for a proper salon :P

  10. http://www.gumtree.com/london/95/39723995.html

    I found out this new shop in Camden while searching for japanese 3d nails salons..... if someone go there can please tell me more about it?? i'm staying in London for a lil vacation next week and gonna check it out

  11. I had my nail repaired once by Fiza (Feb, 2010) coming there this Nov again. but I couldn't find anything even the nail shop at all!

  12. fiza has moved to kings cross on the same number- i read an article in the times about her :)

    Fiza at L Square Hair and Nails, 2nd Floor, 34-36 Wardour Street, W1, and Pure Essentials Nails and Beauty (from November), 155 King's Cross Road, WC1, 07949 916 036.

  13. i was just wonderign if you had been to the woman that does 3d nails in camden stables market, i saw fiza today and she wis working in leicester square in chinatown market

  14. My friend works in camden for 3d nail salon she used to work in japan so shes really really good. ask for tintin xx

  15. hey fiza has a very beautiful nail salon in london china town market, named 3dnails by fiza,,, 07949916036 or www.3dnailsbyfiza.com adress is unit 8, ground floor london china market 55-57 charing cross road, WC2H 0NE. she had been nominated twice for londons most recommended 3d nail artist and has worked with quite many hollywood movie stars,,, her recent one is Kristen stewart for snaow white and the hunts man, is amongst most talented nail artist i have ever met yet a beautiful person as she talks through step by step of naik session, which inspires and make u learn wot we as customer aare paying for, i loved my nails ,,, and express pedicure,,, it was the best i ever had,, so here i am reminding u pretty girls check out her new impressive nail salon,,, love to all

  16. Your nails look so pretty!

    My name is Michelle Duberry, I also specialise in 3d art nails. I'm a freelancer nail tech working Victoria and Kings cross. Have a look at my company's twitter Facebook and instagram. Nice Nails Baby is what we do.