Recreate the look: in Urban Outfitters

By 5/15/2011 , ,

Just a quickie!

I was flicking through the latest issue of Egg magazine when I stopped a couple of things that reminded me of things that I had seen on my most recent trip to Urban Outfitters.

"Blogger style" seems to be getting quite popular at the moment amongst Gyaru at the moment, which is nice because we can emulate their looks more easily!

You can get a similar t-shirt from the brand Truly Madly Deeply that they stock in UO for £28. It doesn't have the tassels like the first picture but if you're feeling brave you could try!

The shorts in the first picture are basically a total rip off of Bitching and Junkfood's cross shorts. they're a bit pricey at £55 but Urban Outfitters do offer student discount!

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  1. I actually saw that t-shirt in Urban and thought about buying it but i didn't ( T O T )
    i should go there again and look for it and maybe see if i can find those awesome shorts too :O

  2. I bought the t-shirt I liked it so much, it's totally worth it it goes with everything and its so soft~

    You can get the same shorts with different colored crosses on them, I think you can get one with snake skin crosses <3

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