GARULA's 2015 'Naughty Woman' Look book

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Let's see what ex-egg model and brand producer Anna Fujita has come up with for Garula S/S15.

The delightfully named 'Naughty Woman' collection; for the more sophisticated gal who laughs when people fall over in the street, pulls faces at children and changes her work colleague's computer wallpaper to dick pictures. I think.

Trend breakdown time!

Note the subtle use of denim patch work. SUBTLE. Not late 90s/early 00's hell. 

The gradient denim is a nice take on past seasons' tie dye and bleached denims.

Capri's made a surprising but glamorous return. Note the sheen on the fabric

Note the tactfully places wear and tear. It's an ART FORM.
Want to recreate the look with easily available pieces? Well here's the colours you should be looking out for!

What can we expect?

Tarnished metal ware and buttons
I'm not sure of the proper term for this but we've all seen it; those buttons that aren't quite gold, aren't quite bronze and they look like they've been used for 10 years. That's the look the brand is going for.

Patch-work and gradient denim
I'm having that bad flashback to Britney and Riff Raff's patchwork denim couple outfits.
Don't worry it's tastefully done here! The mix of colours and worn denims give a vintage feel. I love the gradient denim which is a really nice take on past season's tie dye denim

The patchwork stuff can be saved for the accessories, take note of those killer booties and toe bag.

Khaki's back
"But it never left" I hear you say. Well you're half right. its a bit lighter now. Less army, more classy safari.

You can shop the collection here

THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS! This is stil just their early spring collection which usually means that there will be further spring collections coming in the near future, we'll keep you updated.

All pictures were taken from Garula

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