A/W 14 room wear trends

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For this instalment, we're going to look at some of the cutest gal style room wear for A/W14...

Shizuka Muto's 'Rady'!

Firstly the expensive choice; Rady. These guys range from 9000 to 13,000 yen (£51 and £74 approx).
Rady's range is a lot more 'pyjama-ish' than the following 2 brands but they are none-the-less gorgeous. Fabrics include fleecing and satin.
 Check out the rest of the line here.

MA*RS x Princess Melody room wear collaboration

These guys are in a similar price range to Rady with prices being 7000 -13000 yen per set. This collection sort of looks like you could get away with wearing it in public and people not really batting an eyelid. Fabrics include not-so-fleecy fleece, satin and poly-cotton mixes.
You can see the rest of the collection here

Julia Boutique's pastel selection

This is the budget option with prices being 2500 to 3003 yen (£14 to £17). Julia's boutique isn't really 'gal' per say but they do have some room-wear gems, featuring velour and satin fabrics.
 See the rest of the collection here

Trend Breakdown

There's obviously a lot of pinks/purple mixes going on it there, but hey wants new!
The print seems to be known here as a 'mermaid print' but tbh it's a rather obvious 'OH HAY THERE' to 60s Pucci prints. Google it, his prints are so distinct that you cannot not rip him off and expect to get away with it. But lawdy compared to Pucci, these brands are like Primark prices so don't knock them!

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