ANK ROUGE's Spring 2015 collections available for preorder

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This is your go-to collection for when you require appropriate garbs for ritual virgin sacrifices to goddess Athena!

Here's a break down of themes and trends appearing in the collections!

The first half of the collection focuses on lighter fabrics, grey-tone pastels and lolita-style skirt and dress prints.

The collection actually comes in 2 parts. This part of the collection focuses more on pop pastels and gingham.


Personally I'm surprised not to see any pink coming from Ank Rouge this season, like really surprised but you know what? That's no problem. Lilac is just as lovely and probably takes off the overly cutesy edge. Punches of red seems to be a universal Shibuya 109 trend for the new season!

All the pieces from collection Vol.1 can be ordered here and Vol.2 here

All images taken from Ank Rouge

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