How-to style: RADY and michell Macaron's Boucle dress

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Welcome to our first How-To-style post; where we put together brand-inspired outfits for cheap because Gal makes us poor.

Today we will be focusing on 2 onee-gyaru style brands~

The rather annoyingly named, michell Macaron

Where dat 'e' gone!? WHERE'S THE CAPITALS?!

Designed by ex- Koakuma Ageha model and hostess, Satomin. The brand has an elegant touch but with obviously gal elements i.e. all the bling.

And Engrish extraordinaire, Rady.
Lady? Rady? Who knows!
Designed by another ex Koakuma Ageha model and hostess, Shizuka Muto.  Rady features a ton of crystal details and their signature pastel-toned "marble" pucci-esque prints.

Before you read on, please check them out and get a feel for what they're about. If you're an old booger in gal standards like I am, or just appreciate a more elegant silhouette, you will love these brands. 

On the bad side, these guys are not cheap! The dresses that I'm featuring's prices from the two brands pale in comparison the price of their other stock; SO DAMN EXPENSIVE.

The trend I wanted to cover today is the A-line Boucle dress, boucle being the type of looped yarn woven into the fabric. They're elegant, can be styled up for almost any occasion but most definitely are not boring! Because nothing that is pink is boring.

All items can be bought by following the links addressed to them!

Ouch bank account.
Michel Macaron features a baby pink and white boucle skirting with an adjustable waist belt.
Rady feature a more classic boucle fabric reminiscent of classic Chanel

So what's the accessible alternative? This baby!
You can't see on this picture but in person, it's more of a nude colour and has golden threats woven into the boucle with gold zips. Super pretty!
I work at River Island and I can vouch for saying this dress is CUTE AS HELL.
A matching 3/4 length jacket is also available, (but I can't link it because it's not on the website yet!)

One can't do this outfit without the shoes so here's 2 options.

Being backed by an ex hostess, Rady is all about the bling so Rady shoes are PIMPED elegantly obvz.

Note the gold heels!
Get the shoes on the left here and the shoes on the right here

The reason I like the shoes Miss Selfridge shoes is because even though the shape is a lot different from Rady's, there is still the all-important crystal detail which are key features in Rady's accessories. Plain nude pumps like the ASOS Panorama pumps, while they don't have gold heels, can probably find similar in pretty much any contemporary clothing store. Pointed shoes are on the rise!

So there we have it!

What do you guys think? Do you want to see more posts like this? What sorts of brand and outfits would you like to be featured!

Let us know your thoughts~

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  1. I'm loving this! I think you should def do more posts like these :)

  2. Aaah please do more of these posts! I loved it >3<